Lily Springs Natural Cleaner – Clean with Non-Toxic Ingredients





All Natural Cleaner

Lily Springs Natural Cleaner – Clean with Non-Toxic Ingredients. Protect yourself, your family, pets, and home by using a natural cleaner. Over time, we found that using the harsh store-bought products was leaving our hands a cracked, dry mess — and it didn’t take much to imagine the effects these chemicals were having inside our bodies.  Being parents ourselves, we understand the importance of protecting our children and pets. With Lily Springs, we aim to ensure a clean space without harming them or contaminating our homes in the process.  We love Lily Springs in our homes and hope that you will as well.

 As a family-owned and operated business, we take great pride and care in making every batch of Lily Springs cleaning products with hand-selected ingredients. This ensures that love goes into every order — from the mixing, bottling, and packaging to the shipping.  Lily Springs Natural Cleaner provides you with the serene clean you deserve!


Sweet Tabu

“As a gourmet signature desserts caterer, I take great pride in the preparation and presentation of all of my products.  It is equally important to me that the cleanliness and safety of my kitchen are of the utmost quality.  With Lily Springs Natural Cleaner, I have the peace of mind that the environment in which I bake is maintained with the same high standards as the delicious treats created within it!”

Rene G.

“I have been using Lily Springs Natural Cleaner for over a year, in my home for all-purpose cleaning.  Since I have some health issues, I have to be careful about the types of cleansers and other products I use.  I love both scents as well as the cleaning power… but most of all, I appreciate knowing that I am using a product that helps keep my home free of harmful chemicals.”

D. Turner

“Working out in the gym is one of my passions but I’ve never been comfortable not knowing if the equipment I was touching was clean.  Now, I carry My Gym Spray in my pocket and use it as I work out.  Total game changer!  I can focus on my work out without worrying about germs. “