Lily Springs All-Purpose Natural Cleaner and Gym Spray

All-Purpose Cleaner

100% All Natural

Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and hard, non-porous surfaces of your home and office, Lily Springs All-Purpose Cleaner will provide you with a fresh-smelling space and the serene clean you deserve! Size selections include 6 oz.  bottles which are great for travel and use in the car, as well as 16 oz. and 24 oz. bottles which are perfect for home and office. Comes in two luxurious scents from which to choose:

  • Tea Tree & Lily
  • Tea Tree & Lemon


My Gym Spray

Natural Gym Cleanser

Spray the germs away with our natural gym cleanser!  Formulated to disinfect without drying our stripping materials bare, this powerful solution instantly but gently eliminates bacteria from yoga mats and exercise equipment such as free weights, benches, kettlebells, and more.  Help foster a cleaner, safer, environment for all with this eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning spray.  My Gym Spray comes in a convenient 4 oz. bottle to fit in your pocket or fanny pack while you’re at the gym or on the go!